About Me

Doug is a relentless problem solver. The son of a civil engineer and land surveyor, he grew up working on survey crews for his dad’s company. While in the Air Force, Doug followed the exponential growth of unmanned vehicles, and as a customer of their data, knew that civilian market was set to explode. Following his entrepreneurial instincts, he founded a company sponsored by ASU and set about to change the surveying world.

He is an unmanned systems and close-range photogrammetry expert and thought leader. Frequent guest speaker on UAS enterprise systems and technical advisor to multiple surveying, engineering and construction companies. Professionally trained or self taught in all domains required for exceptional results in UAS surveying – photography, photogrammetry, UAS design & operations, surveying, and geomatics. He is a USAF Senior Pilot, with over 5500 Air Force flight hours, of which over 2500 is in the Boeing Business Jet (C-40) flying the Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, First Lady, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congress, and other high ranking officials on nofail global diplomatic missions. Managed several multi-million dollar projects on behalf of the US Government. Designed Risk Management program for USAF VIP operations. Wrote the aviation standards and regulations that regulate the USAF senior leader transport program. Certified as an aircraft mishap inspector and safety officer. He held highest aviation credentials attainable in USAF.

BS Electrical Engineering, MS Aerospace Management, MBA, ATP, CFI, MEI