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Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations

Flight Plans

  • Area description files are imported into our flight planning software, designating the required limits
  • Airports and hazards are identified
  • Flight route is calculated based on winds and other factors
  • 300’ x 1 mile every 15 minutes of flight UAS OPERATIONS


We invested heavily in performing sensitivity analysis using Arizona State University’s high performance computing lab on all of the variables that control accuracy in close range photogrammetry applications.

We adhere to ASPRS photogrammetry accuracy standards. UAS SURFACE ACCURACY Nobody Comes Close

Aerial Triangulation

  • Our software identifies unique patterns in the imagery and matches them together to create a tie point. Tie points lock the same point in each picture for further processing.
  • At this phase in the process we have generated over 100 million points/mile. Each point is resolved in 3D space and translated to the projects coordinate system. UAS OPERATIONS Aerial Triangulation


Highly detailed orthomosaic images can be created. These are aerial photographs in which every pixel is optically corrected and tied to project coordinates.


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Kevin Hudson

Professional, caring, diligent, knowledgable, timely...a few words to describe my friend and associate Vint Hargrave. While performing survey control on many high-profile projects for us; from high schools to skyscrapers; Hired Guns has consistently displayed the expertise and accuracy our clients and the construction industry deserves. Vint is a true asset to us and we look forward to working together for many years to come.

Kevin Hudson-Client
Hunt Construction Group, An AECOM Company

I would like to say thank you for your services provided on this project – from beginning to our current state. You helped us tremendously when we were in a bind, and have handled your business in a very professional manner. We look forward to continuing this relationship on this project and any future endeavors.

Project Manager – Bleu Ciel

Debra Khan

Hired Guns LLC did an amazing job on the boundary survey on our property, it saved me thousands of dollars knowing my neighbors had encroached on my property 35 to 40 feet.Hired Guns LLC  was very professional and courteous and offered us valuable information on property boundaries. I would never hesitate to give Hired Guns LLC a call again, I would highly recommend his company to any and all who ask. Debra Khan-Client

Our Clients

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